5 creatives ways to use sound effects in videos
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5 creatives ways to use sound effects in videos

Do you remember to use sound effects in your videos on Youtube? Because they can make a significant difference, let us explain how!

Music is not the only thing that can drastically change or add to your video. Sound effects are also a great way to add some drama, stir up emotions, and tell a story. Just look at movies with famous sound effects, such as Star Wars and the sound of the light sabers, or Friday the 13th with its famous “ki ki ki ma ma ma,” which you can hear whenever the killer is near. But sound effects are not only for big movie productions. Your Youtube video can benefit just as well from sound effects. Below we concluded 5 creative ways to use sound effects in your video on Youtube.

1. Strengthen your brand with sound effects

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs? Physiologist Ivan Pavlov conducted an experiment where he trained dogs to anticipate food every time they heard a bell ring. The dogs learned to associate a particular sound with a particular behavior. In the same way, you can use sound effects to help viewers recognize and remember your brand. It could be an additional sound to a logo popping up in the middle of the video. Or some distinct sound effects in the intro or outro that make the viewers think of you whenever they hear it. Find a sound effect that resonates with you and make your viewers familiar with it. It will get them thinking of you any time they hear it. 

2. Enhance reality with sound effects

Sometimes reality needs some amplification, and that’s when sound effects come in handy. Maybe those footsteps need to be a little louder, or perhaps the sound of that button getting pushed needs to be more distinct. Sound effects are a great way to enhance and amplify the sound of the real world in your videos. They can clearly depict where you are and what your surroundings sound like. Whether you are out and about in the city, relaxing in the countryside, or flying in a spaceship above the atmosphere, we have some great reality-enhancing sound effects for you!

Birds tweeting, circkets chirping and the soft sound of wind. Enhance your reality with sound effects.
Birds tweeting, circkets chirping and the soft sound of wind. Enhance your reality with sound effects.

3. Build up emotions with sound effects

Sound effects are a great way to build up emotions within your viewer. While music may be the obvious choice for evoking emotion in your viewer, sound effects can be just as effective. They can make your viewer laugh, feel fright or suspense, or amplify really any emotion you wish to induce with your video. It can be done in an obvious or more discrete way, almost speaking to the viewer’s subconscious.

Have you heard about infrasounds? They are sounds with such a low frequency they are undetectable by the human ear. Some horror movies use sounds with a frequency just above this limit, called sub-bass sounds, making viewers feel discomfort, get chills or even faint. This is a great example of how sound effects can be used more tactfully and in a not-so-obvious way to create an emotional impact on your viewer. Although we don’t encourage you to try to make your viewers faint!

4. Set the pace with sound effects

Sound effects are significant if you want to incorporate energy and movement into your video. Use a fast swooshing sound to increase the sense of action or a rapid rhythmic sound to signal urgency and a quicker pace. On the contrary, if you want to slow down the pace and movements of a video, use slower and more drawn-out sound effects. Using sound effects in these ways can really enhance the feelings of high or low energy and rhythm, and it will have a discrete but strong impact on your viewer.

5. Let the sound effects tell the story

The perfect sound effect used at the perfect time can sometimes eliminate the need for dialogue or visual shots. For example - if someone hits their head - using a sound effect to mimic the sound of it can work as a much smoother storytelling tool than the person saying, “ow, I hit my head!” Or, for example, if you want to simulate a car crash in your video, replace the visual part of the video where the car actually crashes with only the sound of it. It will tell a clear story in a much more simple way. Sometimes being too literal and showing too much when telling a story can feel cheap and patronizing. That’s why sound effects can work as such an effective storytelling tool.

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Hopefully, you are feeling inspired and ready to put some great sound effects in your videos. Cora Music offers some awesome sound effects, feel free to check them out here. To use them in your videos you need to be a Cora Music member, sign up to become a member here!