6 Christmas sound effects to put your viewers in the holiday spirit
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6 Christmas sound effects to put your viewers in the holiday spirit

Ugly Christmas sweaters, cold and snowy days, and presents under the tree. You know what time it is! We'll help you get into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is only 4 weeks away, so it's time to start making some festive season content. We've made a list of wintry, festive sound effects to help inspire you in your video-making process. Check it out down below!

1. Footsteps in the snow Christmas sound effect

Listen to the footsteps in the snow sound effect here!

Will you be walking in the snow in your next video? If so, the sound of these creaky footsteps in the snow will work perfectly. It might seem silly to enhance small and insignificant sounds such as footsteps, but the details make the complete picture. It’s those small details that really give the video that festive holiday vibe. It’s like the cherry on top, making the viewers feel the spirit of Christmas after watching your video.

2. Ringing bells Christmas sound effect

Listen to the ringing bells sound effect here!

This magical sound of bells does wonders to evoke the spirit of Christmas. The tingling sound reminds us of Christmas movies, gentle snowflakes, and glistening candlelights. Use your creativity to incorporate this magical sound into your video. Maybe in an unboxing video or in the intro of the video? Use it wherever you see fit!

3. Crackling fireplace Christmas sound effect

Listen to the crackling fireplace sound effect here!

What’s more wintry and cozy than sitting in front of a warm, crackling fireplace with a hot cup of chocolate? Well, not much, actually. That’s why we found this crackling fireplace Christmas sound effect for you to use in your next video. If you plan on involving fire in your videos in any way, this sound effect is perfect for giving it that warm and cozy vibe.

4. Wintry snowstorm Christmas sound effect

Listen to the wintry snowstorm sound effect here

Let’s face it, winter and Christmas isn’t always the perfect and still winter wonderland, with big snowflakes gently trickling down from the sky. With winter comes cold, wind, and snow, often combined, making for heavy snowstorms. Whether you find yourself outside in the middle of the action or inside, safe and sound by that crackling fireplace we mentioned earlier, this snowstorm sound effect will give your video that cold, windy vibe you are looking for. 

5. Shoveling snow Christmas sound effect

Listen to the shoveling snow sound effect here!

Doing some work around the house after last night’s snowstorm? Then this Christmas sound effect of snow shoveling will be perfect for that video! If you need a snow-shoveling sound effect, we found it for you! No need for further search.

6. New Year’s Eve countdown sound effect

Listen to the New Year's Eve sound effect here!

After Christmas follows the celebration of the New Year. Fireworks, fickle New Year’s resolutions, and the classic countdown of seconds until midnight. If you want some extra oomph during that countdown, you can use this New Year’s Eve countdown sound effect in your video. It’ll give that festive, celebrational vibe to your video and help to really kickstart the new year.

Not in the holiday spirit?

Is the festive season not your thing? We hear you. Christmas can be an emotional or draining time for many, and if that’s the case, then maybe these Christmas sound effects aren’t what you are looking for. Luckily, we have tons of other sound effects you can check out here. We also offer copyright-protected music that you can use in your videos on Youtube. Click here to explore our repertoire.