The best cozy instrumental autumn music
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The best cozy instrumental autumn music

If you are looking to put your viewers in a wholesome mood with some cozy autumn songs, you've come to the right place. We made a list for you!

Leaving October and Halloween behind us, we are now entering the coldest and darkest month of the autumn season - November. We’ve found some cozy autumn music to help you romanticize your life during this dark and gloomy time.

This list of cozy instrumental fall songs is perfect to use in videos to spread the fall vibes everyone loves. It can work as background music in a haul, atmospheric enhancement in a vlog, or just add those cozy vibes to a cooking video. We can already smell that cinnamon-baked apple pie you are making a recipe video of. With this list of relaxing autumn music, your subscribers will too!

You can listen to the whole song with an active Cora Music license. Otherwise, you can enjoy a sneak peek to find inspiration. If you want to become a Cora Music member and listen to full songs (and download and use them in your videos), you can click here.

Lighten up your subscribers autumn evenings by getting them in a cozy and relaxed vibe.
Lighten up your subscribers autumn evenings by getting them in a cozy and relaxed vibe.

Rainy autumn day music

Listen to "Coucou Anne" by Musette here

You know those gloomy, rainy autumn days when you just want to stay inside with a blanket and a good book? "Coucou Anne" by Musette is perfect for that. It's soft and relaxed, and the light, tinkling piano creates a melancholic atmosphere that would fit like a dream in a laid-back Sunday vlog.  

Cozy autumn coffee shop music

Listen to "Open Fields" by Robert Dahlström here

This warm and cozy acoustic track by Robert Dahlström takes the mind to a cozy coffee shop with lit candles and a hot cup of tea. An autumnal study with me-video on the theme of back to school and productivity could get some use out of this track.

Crackling fireplace on a cold autumn night music

Listen to "Beautiful Morning" by Ola Melander here

With warm and somewhat sensual saxophone tones, this jazzy tune will fit any video where you want to create that relaxed atmosphere. Ola Melander's "Beautiful Morning" reminds us of a crackling fireplace, a romantic getaway, or city lights twinkling in the dark autumn night. You could use it in a make-up tutorial, a date night recipe video, or any way you want, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Summer turns to autumn music

Listen to "Avian" by I’m Kingfisher

When it comes to cozy instrumental fall music, the acoustic and sort of melancholic tones of I’m Kingfisher’s song "Avian" hits just right. It’s that transition from warm summer days to autumn leaves changing color that really makes itself reminded in this song. A get ready with me video or fall fashion haul would make perfect videos for this song.

Autumn countryside farm music

Listen to "Soul to bare (the online dating song)" by Bright Lightning here

Let’s not forget about all the family channels on Youtube! This one’s for you. This country-inspired guitar track by Bright Lightning is perfect as background music in that vlog where you are going apple-picking or visiting a farm in the countryside with the family. Use this song to give that heartfelt, family-friendly vibe to your video.

Crisp autumn day

Listen to "Wiener futurismo" by Musette here

Crisp air, colorful leaves, and starting a fresh new chapter after recharging in the summer - this easy-going, instrumental autumn song captures the essence of what we like about the autumn season. You could use Musette's song "Wiener Futurismo" in your intro or outro to make it cozier and more autumnal.

Enchanted autumn forest music

Listen to "Flora" by Ei Naar S here

This serene acoustic song by Ei Naar S is perfect for a stroll in a colorful forest in the fall season. Warm browns, oranges, and yellows in the trees, the wind rustling the leaves, and the sun peaking out from behind clouds. Use this cozy autumn song in a video to make it more personal and relaxed. We suggest a Q&A video.

Is autumn just not your thing?

Maybe you miss summer and want nothing to do with the cold, dark autumn season. It's ok, we understand. Don't worry, we have tons of other kinds of music too. You can check it out by clicking here.