CINEMATIC Music for YouTube videos 🎵 | Cora Music Playlist
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CINEMATIC Music for YouTube videos 🎵 | Cora Music Playlist

Hey, we have a playlist of cinematic music that we think you might enjoy. Would you like to take a look?

Did you know you can make your video look and sound even more professional with cinematic music? You may know many cinematic pieces from the biggest Hollywood films and even remember the exact scene when it plays. That's how powerful it is. Cinematic music can transform a video clip into something really special. So rest assured that when it comes to video editing, cinematic music is a must if you want to add a special magical feeling to that special moment you captured on video. There are numerous melodies and versions within this genre, and in this playlist you might find the perfect for your YouTube video.

Explore our cinematic music by clicking on the songs below ⬇️

Symphony No.9 in E minor (From the New World B. 178) - Antonin Dvořák

Turtle Beach - Ragnar Grippe

Vi har älskat länge nu - Åsa Jinder

The Superior Lady Meets the Sealions - Stefan Levin

Outro - Eric Gadd

Wuzak - Musette

Winter Waltz - Tvärvägen

I gryningen - LISAS

Patrem Servare - Ragnar Grippe

Garden (Live)  - Good Harvest

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