How to grow your YouTube channel with the power of music
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How to grow your YouTube channel with the power of music

The music in your video plays an essential part in how the viewers perceive your content. This is how to use music to gain more subscribers on YouTube.

So you have been filming content, and it is time to edit and choose what music you want in your video. You have probably noticed that music has a significant impact, especially in videos. It does not matter if you have 2 or 500 000 subscribers. Choosing the right music for your video can be integral to gaining more followers on YouTube. But let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Grow your YouTube channel

You want to grow your YouTube channel, and you are wondering how you should use music in your videos. That's why you ended up in this article. Written by us. The fantastic people at Cora Music. Welcome, and thank you for reading this. We have substantial experience with Youtube in the Nordics and understand the needs of YouTubers from within. Yes, we know that being a YouTuber can be challenging. The competition is fierce. Strategy, perseverance, and hard work are required. In this article, we share tips and tricks for you to gain more subscribers and grow even more with the power of music. 

Take some time to choose the perfect music for your video
Take some time to choose the perfect music for your video

Soundtrack your videos

Find a soundtrack for your videos that reflects the content. You can use the music to extract a feeling from the viewer. For a video of you hiking in the mountains, you might want to edit in some cinematic music that will describe the epic greatness of the shot. For a challenge or a prank video, you might want more playful music. And why not add some great sound effects too? Your subscribers follow you for a reason. Let them get to know you even more through the music in your videos!

Be consistent with the music

Consistency is key on YouTube. Using the right music in your videos sets the tone that makes it easier for your followers to recognize you when watching. Of course, if the video content changes, then so should the music. We are not saying that you can not vary between the music you use, but it makes it easier for you to keep the storyline of your video. Throughout the video, try to stick to your tone - we can call it your music tonality. 

Watch tutorials on YouTube

YouTube contains of thousands of videos made by video editing professionals who gladly share everything they know about the topic. Take some time to watch and learn. Absorb tips and tricks from the pros. And don't forget to give the video creator a click on the thumbs-up button and subscribe if you like the content.

Download music from Cora Music

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