Discover the latest tracks now available in our music library
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Discover the latest tracks now available in our music library

Our music library just received a fresh delivery of the latest tracks from Aloaded, featuring top Swedish artists and bands. Explore it now!

We are thrilled to announce that we've just received our first delivery from Aloaded, featuring top Swedish artists and bands like Mares, Vapnet, and Far & Son.

With our ever-growing collection of tracks, you can explore the latest music across a range of genres, from pop to rock and everything in between. Our latest addition includes tracks from established and upcoming artists, there's something for everyone! 


Mares | Vapnet | The Sweptaways  | Far & Son | Nadja Evelina | Juvelen | The Kid | The Land Below | Nord & Syd | Parker Lewis | Laser & bas | Sara Parkman | Hell On Wheels | Biker Boy | Katohjärta | Vit Päls Edith Söderström | Delagoon | Azure Blue | Three is A Crowd | Echo Ladies | Like Honey | Kommun | Kalle J | Örnsberg| TIAC | Asha Ali | Nite Flights | Echo Ladies | Bam Spacey | Sonny | Roos | Erik Jonasson | Sam Florian | Wild At Heart | Hell On Wheels | Sibiria | Premiere


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