New Nordic Music Arrival!
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New Nordic Music Arrival!

Explore our new Nordic melodies from our latest music import, perfect as soundtrack and background music for YouTube videos.

We've got some fantastic news for you! Our music library has just received a brand-new Viking shipment of tunes, and we can't wait to share the mystic with you. This collection of albums explores Nordic mysticism with its unique charm. It will transport you into a musical landscape that tells stories about dark forests, mysteries and magical fairies.

Whether you're in the process of editing a mysterious video, working on a cinematic masterpiece, or simply on the lookout for the perfect background melodies for your YouTube video, allow our Nordic music collection to serve your inspiration!

Listen to the album with a click on the link 🧚‍♀️

Nordic Noir-Heritage by Sonny Nieuwenhuizen
A Nordic-themed musical album inspired by Viking culture and folklore.

Nordic Noir-the original North By Pernilla Österberg
An album that captures the essence of Nordic folk music, putting Nordics on the musical map. 

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