Who we are

The first in the world to give online video creatives full access to a catalogue of real, well-known songs.

We are Cora Music! The first in the world to give online video creators full access to a catalogue of real, well-known music. Music that will take their videos to the next level. The reason why we could do this, better than anyone else, is because we are owned by the music creators themselves. We serve a community of thousands of established artists, songwriters and producers - that we like and respect a lot.

When online video creators use music from our repertoire in their videos, we make sure that the songwriters, producers, artists, publishers and labels behind the music get all the royalties they deserve. That’s how it should be. It’s also an opportunity for them to make their music reach further - to the world of online video and a new kind of audience. We are not here to make a profit. It’s simple - the money that our customers pay us, we funnel back to the music creators as the royalties they are entitled to. So when online video creators start a subscription with us - they support the music creators, not us. Our goal is good music for video creators and good royalties for music creators. We are here to serve you!

How it works

Music is created
The music creators publish the music
Cora Music
Cora music collects the music from the rightsholders and place it in the music library
The video creator chooses the perfect tune for a video and downloads it.
The video creator edits a video with the music and upload it on YouTube
Through Youtube the video generates royalties from Cora Music
The royalties are paid to the music creators and rightsholders