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Our goal is good music for video creators and good royalties for music creators. We are here to serve you!

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Here's the music your videos always deserved

Online video today is such an important creative industry. Not only is it winning the competition against traditional moving images, it’s also the place where new ideas are born, where stars are born, a super-multi faceted firework of success and failure, ignoring all political borders to create beauty, entertainment, drama and expression in any language and culture. As does music. The art that has been doing all that for hundreds of years.

A song with a meaning, with a feeling, with an expression of its own will turbo-charge your videos. You will know the same thing as Stanley Kubrick did when he set loose the Ride of the Valkyrie, or Monty Python when they struck Liberty Bell: this is what carries what i want to say and makes a recording into art.

So finally: here’s the music your videos always deserved. Use with caution, you’ve got the world’s most powerful tool of emotion in your hand.

Malte Andreasson

Chief Executive Officer


The right music gives your videos wings

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Miss Li

Miss Li

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Music makes all the difference. It will spark emotions and make your followers smile, sing along, stomp or even get goose bumps. Not only in terms of unique emotional experience, but also in terms of craft and professional quality of the video.
It’s the combination of your ideas with the power of well-known songs. That’s what sets one Youtuber apart from the others.
Your success as a Youtube creator is around the corner!

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