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Classical music for videos
Cora Music BlogClassical music for videos
Classical music can be a powerful tool for enhancing your viewer's experience and adding a professional touch in your videos.

Did you know that more and more video creators use classical music in videos? If you are sick and tired of using the same up-tempo beats or pop music in your video, try to add some classical music to it! In this article, we'll explore how you can use classical music in your videos and give tips for finding the right music from our music library.

Classical music can be a beautiful and timeless addition

Classical music can give your video a feeling of sophistication and elegance. It can also be a versatile and effective tool to enhance the viewing experience. Use it at the beginning of your video as a powerful intro, in the middle with some happy storytelling, or at the end when you want to go out with a bang. It's powerful, mighty, and epic. That also explains why it's always been an important genre when it comes to the history of video production. 

One of the great things about classical music is that it spans many styles and periods, from Baroque and Classical to Romantic and Modern. This means there's likely to be a piece of classical music that will suit just about any type of video. It doesn't matter if you're a big Hollywood film producer or just started your first youtube channel. Classical music can be used by everybody.

Classical music is perfect to use in a video

Whether you want something upbeat and energetic or something more reflective and contemplative, we promise that you'll be able to find a classical piece that fits every mood and tone of your video. 

Some well-known classical music composers are Ludwig van Beethoven, Georg Friedrich Händel, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy,  Antonio Lucio Vivaldi,  Antonin Dvořák and Johann Sebastian Bach. These composers and many others have contributed to the rich variation of classical music. Some of their magnificent repertoire is available to download and use freely when you create an account at

We made a list of our favorite classical pieces . Listen, download and start using classical music in your videos today! 

1. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Concerto No.1 in E 

2. Johann Sebastian Bach - Magnificat in D Major

3. Ludwig van Beethoven- SONATA NO.5 IN C MINOR

4. Antonin Dvořák - Symphony No.9 in E minor

5. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Ein Sommernactstraum (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

5. Georg Fredrich Händel - Händel - Messias 

It's time to start editing, Maestro! 🎶 

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