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Discover Ambient Music for Your YouTube Videos
Cora Music BlogDiscover Ambient Music for Your YouTube Videos
Explore the genre of ambient music and learn how it can enhance your YouTube videos.

Ambient music has gained popularity in YouTube videos for evoking emotions and creating an atmospheric ambiance. In this article, we'll go into:

  • What is ambient music?
  • How is ambient music created?
  • How to effectively use ambient music in YouTube videos
  • List of perfect ambient music for your video

What is Ambient Music?

If you've ever felt stressed, you might have found solace in listening to soothing sounds or music. Whether it's the tranquil sound of trickling water, the rhythmic patter of rain on a tin roof, or a track from a meditation playlist on Spotify, chances are you've experienced ambient music in some kind of way.

The ambient music genre can encompass various styles, often described as a blend of atmospheric and abstract sounds or melodies. It possesses the power to influence listeners' emotions and moods. Ambient music serves as excellent background music for relaxation, meditation, enhancing productivity, and gaining focus.

It shifts the listener's attention away from the song and towards a seamless integration with the surroundings and the environment. Studies have shown that ambient music can reduce stress, induce relaxation, and even lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It's a versatile genre with numerous advantages and applications.

How is Ambient Music Created?

Creating ambient music involves various approaches. Some musicians employ synthesizers to craft diverse soundscapes and atmospheres. Many opt to loop their compositions, resulting in experimental tracks. Others prefer a minimalist approach, using a minimal number of instruments and sound sources, allowing listeners to appreciate subtle variations within the music. Some artists choose to improvise entirely, utilizing intriguing sounds and instruments, creating unexpected and unique compositions. Ambient music is crafted by blending electronic, synthetic, or natural sounds.

4 ways in which ambient music can be used in YouTube videos

Ambient music is commonly used in YouTube videos for various purposes. Here are four practical ways to make the most of ambient music:

  1. Intro/Outro: Incorporate ambient music for your videos as an intro or outro. This sets the tone and evokes the desired emotions in viewers from the start until the end.
  2. Time-lapse or Slow Motion: Ambient music complements time-lapse or slow-motion videos exceptionally well. Thoughtfully chosen tracks enhance the sense of time and space, immersing viewers in a captivating experience.
  3. Background Music: Use ambient music as background music throughout your video. Particularly useful for videos with calm segments or clips, ambient music adds depth and can enhance viewer engagement. It's ideal for tutorials, educational content, vlogs, and other video types. Let your creativity soar!
  4. Nature Videos: Ambient music perfectly complements nature videos, accentuating the visual splendor of natural scenery. You create a mesmerizing video that captivates viewers by synchronizing soothing ambient tracks with serene natural landscapes. Ambient music has the power to induce relaxation and tranquility. Harness its potential!


Ambient music offers various ways to make YouTube videos more engaging and immersive. By skillfully incorporating ambient music, you can craft unique and impactful videos.

Ambient Music for Your YouTube Video

Discover the perfect ambient music for your YouTube videos in our extensive music library. Utilize the genre filter in the search function to find the right track that suits your video's atmosphere and tone. To assist you in getting started, we've curated a selection of recommendations;

Click on the "No filter" button under Browsing Music to filter the music. Select the genre; Ambient.
Click on the "No filter" button under Browsing Music to filter the music. Select the genre; Ambient.

1. The Hermit - Solaroid

2. Mjuk sömn över havsdjup - Lymland

3. HEM - Tvärvägen

4. Back and Forth - Jakob Lindhagen

5. Tid - Dom dummaste 

6. Clouds Apart - LARK

7. Kolliderar - Imma

8. Till we meet again - Good Harvest 

9. Awakening - Petter Friberg

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