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Explore our latest music import: Instrumental beats for video creators
Cora Music BlogExplore our latest music import: Instrumental beats for video creators
Fresh music import from Wahzaa: Premium instrumental beats designed for your video projects

We're excited to roll out a major music update! Thanks to a cool partnership with our friends at Wahzaa, we've imported a collection of instrumental beats. These aren't just any beats—they're cutting-edge, crafted by their talented music producers to push boundaries and inspire your creativity. Check out this exclusive selection and discover how these killer beats can transform your video projects!

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Why use instrumental beats in your videos?

Adding instrumental beats to your videos can really make your content pop, drawing viewers in and keeping their attention. Here's what Wahzaa's beats can do for your projects:

Boost the music impact:
Music sets the scene. Whether you want to pump up the excitement, soothe, or add drama, the right beat can help express these feelings, even making words unnecessary.

Keep your viewers hooked:
An engaging beat can make your videos more fun to watch, encouraging viewers to stick around from beginning to end.

Smooth out your video:
Music can help pace your video, easing transitions and spotlighting important points, which makes your narrative clearer and more compelling.

Big shout out to Wahzaa for adding these killer beats to our music library!

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