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Introducing: Falconshield and his epic League of Legends tracks
Cora Music BlogIntroducing: Falconshield and his epic League of Legends tracks
Yet another incredible musical talent has joined Cora Music and made their music available to be used in YouTube videos.

If you are a gamer, and a fan of League of Legends, then listen up! This new release might be right up your alley. With 240,000 followers, more than 85 million views, and over 220,000 monthly Spotify listeners, music producer and composer Josef Falkensköld is the brains behind the popular YouTube channel Falconshield. On the channel, he posts self-produced music that follows a strong League of Legends theme.

 “I think it’s a great way for my music to be utilized. Especially gaming channels could get use out of it. I have quite a big library of music that isn’t being used as well as it could be, so this collaboration feels like a deal all parties will benefit from”, Josef says about his collaboration with Cora Music.

Josef’s music features in dozens of games, and he has self-published eight full-length albums and several EPs. We sat down and had a virtual chat with Josef about his music and YouTube channel - how it all started and how the journey has been so far.

A crossover between music and gaming

Starting as a creative passion project in 2009, Josef found a lack of crossovers between the world of gaming and the world of music, so he decided to fill the gap himself.

After coming in second in the music competition Songs of the Summoned, created by game developer and publisher Riot Games, the Falconshield YouTube channel started to gain an audience. Producing the rap battle series This is War also helped him get recognition by both Riot Games and the League of Legends community. When asked to describe his music, Josef hesitates for a moment.

“It’s hard to characterize my music because I enjoy playing around with different genres and styles. You could describe it as a mix of metal, rock, and hip hop, but there is also much more. Although no matter what genre or tempo, a great and well-polished production will always be my main focus. I am hoping people consider that to be my main trademark above anything else”, he says.

When it comes to the music that Josef himself listens to and gets inspiration from, it turns out he isn’t actually that big of a music consumer. Although he listens to music to get inspired, he tells us he is more focused on his own music because he wants to go his own way and do something different.

League of Legends

Currently, the League of Legends World Championship 2022 has just started, and Josef is no stranger to contributing to League of Legends events. For the League of Legends European Championship (the LEC), Josef has recently produced the latest installment of the Mediocre Rap Battles of the LEC series, where LEC commentators rap about the different teams playing in the LEC.

Aditionally to Riot Games, he has also written original music for Wizards of the Coast, Com2Us, Chainbinders, Robbery Bob, and many others.

Audio director by day, Falconshield by night

Falconshield used to consist of a team. In addition to Josef himself, there was a songwriter/voice actor, a guitarist, and a video editor. But with the group dissolving in 2018, Josef decided to take a break from the YouTube channel. However, today he has found his way back to creating music for Falconshield, even though he works full-time as an audio director in the gaming industry.

"During these years I have realized that I really want this. The Falconshield YouTube channel is my creative outlet", Josef tells us.

Regarding his following and the community that has been created around it, he also adds:

”I’ve had the luck of having a supportive and kind following, and the feedback I get from my followers is always very positive.”

How can you use Falconshield's music in your YouTube video?

We are so happy to have Falconshields awesome music available in Cora Music’s repertoire! To start using his music in your YouTube videos, get your Cora Music subscription here, or you can check out a few of Falconshield’s songs here:

Falconshield - Celestial

Falconshield - One Shell at a Time

Falconshield - Super Mega Death team

To view Falconshield’s full music repertoire, click here.

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