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New Feature: Moods music for online videos
Cora Music BlogNew Feature: Moods music for online videos
Check out Moods, a feature designed to simplify your search for music for online videos!

What's Moods?
We know how tough it can be for video creators: you spend hours looking through song after song, trying to find the perfect soundtrack. That's exactly why we came up with our new feature Moods or Mood Music – to get rid of that headache and make your creative process smoother. Moods is our new approach to organizing music for online videos by emotions. Whether your video aims to uplift or soothe, you can easily find tracks that resonate with your desired mood for the video. 

Why You’ll like our new feature Moods: 

  • Easy peasy: Say goodbye to the hours of scrolling through tracks. Choose the mood that reflects your video’s heart and instantly access a selection of songs that fit by just a click. 
  • Perfect match: Our music software sorts and categorizes each song to align with different emotions, making sure your videos capture the right vibe to engage the viewers.
  • Save time: Spend less time searching for music and more time unleashing your creativity in editing. Mood Music is all about efficiency.
How you use moods on our site

Tips for using mood music in online videos:

  • Know your video’s vibe: It’s important to pinpoint what kind of emotion your video has. Whether it’s happiness, mystery, or nostalgia, understanding this will help your music selection process.
  • Experiment: Don’t hesitate to explore different tracks. The most unexpected choice might be the perfect fit for your video.
  • Seek opinions: If possible, get feedback. It’s important to confirm if the music really creates the feelings you want, send a draft to your friend and let them get back to you. 

Next time you’re searching for music for your online video on, try out Mood Music. 

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