RELAXED Music for YouTube videos | Cora Music Playlist 🎵
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RELAXED Music for YouTube videos | Cora Music Playlist 🎵

Are you searching for some relaxed music to add in the background to your YouTube video? You might want to take a look at this playlist!

Whether you're making a vlog, travel videos, or any other content that needs a touch of peace, this playlist is just what you might need to add a calming touch to your content.

Click on the songs to listen and enjoy some relaxed music:

Come Along (Remastered) - Titiyo

Where Is My Love - Stephen Simmonds

Lova ingenting - Maxida Märak

Överallt - Mauro Scocco

Ändå faller regnet - Lisa Nilsson

Den dag jag vinner allt - Tomas Andersson Wij

Come with Me - Midaircondo

Stay - Good Harvest

Sommarhus - Slowgold

When You Are Away - Solander

En flyktig kärlek - Markus Hasselblom

Warm Night - The Concretes

Sonjalein - Georg Riedel

Bar (A) Bara - Ragnar Grippe

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