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The art of writing the perfect YouTube video title and description
Cora Music BlogThe art of writing the perfect YouTube video title and description
Learn more about how to write YouTube video titles and descriptions that captures viewers attention!

The power of the first impression

First impressions matters. Your video's title and description is the first thing the viewer is going to see. And when it's done right, it can actually transform a casual browser into an engaged subscriber. 

According to  HubSpot on YouTube Optimization, videos that has the perfect balance in their titles and video descriptions gain more views and more engagement from viewers. They write that it's all about creating a real connection and to create emotions, not just chasing numbers for your content and videos.

The art of writing the perfect video title 

Writing a YouTube video title is truly both an art and a science. The goal is to remain genuine and storytell about the video content. While you might want to go big and clickbait, it's the authenticity that often wins. Try to be as clear and concise as you can. Try to add keywords in the title so it feels like natural and not pushed. 

Be expressive with the video description 

The YouTube video description offers a chance to be more expansive with the story about the video content. It's really important to set the tone for the viewer in the first meanings of your video description as they appear before the "show more"- button. And as you share links to related videos or favorite playlists, it's an open invitation for viewers to go deeper and explore your channel. In your YouTube video description, the keywords need to flow like a calm river, but in a natural way. Think of it like a warm conversation with the viewers, where you invite them to see your YouTube video. Don't forget to put in a call to action in the text, it works like a reminder for the viewer to subscribe to your channel or give a thumbs up if they like the video content.

The magic of details

We can't mention this enough, but creating and working as a YouTube creator and with your YouTube channel is often filled with challenges and opportunities. You have to keep an eye out the many algorithms changes, updates and don't forget to analyze your content. But what's really matters is the connections you can create with your viewers. They want something valuable and interesting - making it worth their while watching your video, just a little longer. So put some effort in and try to write authentic video titles and video descriptions, and the chances are big you'll get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel, making it worth your work. 

The magic lies in the details, they say.

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