Christian music, worship and praise songs for Youtube videos
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Christian music, worship and praise songs for Youtube videos

Our music library has a wide selection of Swedish Christian music, worship, and praise songs that you can choose from. Browse the music!

If you're looking for Christian music for your youtube video, you've come to the right place! We got an extensive catalog of Swedish Christian music, worship, and praise songs in our music library. Click on the artist to listen to their music! 

Check out our collection of Christian Music: 

Alfred Nygren & Elin Sydhage med band

AnnaMaria Bergqvist


Bengt Johansson

Börge Ring

Carl-Erik Sahlberg

Charlotte Nordin & Johan Sundqvist

Clas Vårdstedt

Dan-Erik Sahlberg

David Åhlén

David Ivarson

Ellen Vingren

Erik & Ulrika Stenlund

Erik Tilling

Evelina Gard

Filadelfiaförsamlingen i Hudiksvall

Gerd Pettersson Ebegård

Gilead Göteborg

Göteborg Vineyard

Ida Möller

Jeanette Alfredsson

Johannes & Lina Häger

Johanna Bjurenstedt

Josua Kristna Center

Jonas Stenlund

Josef Tingbratt & Jennie Gunnarsson

Josefina Gniste


Linda Sandgren

Linnea Hagenfors Rafael

Malena Furehill


Marcus Eriksson & Carl Eksmo

Maria Gustin Bergström

Mattias Martinson

Michael Jeff Johnson

Micke & Åsa Fhinn

Micke Fhinn

Niklas Hallman

Norrköping Vineyard

Paul Biktor Börjesson

Peter Bergstrand

Pingst Jönköping

Rebecca Malmborg

Rickard Sundström

Robert Eriksson

Robert Eriksson & Paul Biktor Börjesson

Såsom eld

Schysst häng

Stockholm Vineyard

Team med Uppdrag

The Master's Voice

Tobias Hedlund Ensemble

Various Artists



Learn more about Christian Music

Christian religious songs, also known as worship or praise songs, are musical compositions created specifically for Christian worship and the expression of faith. They are an essential part of Christian worship services, gatherings, and personal devotion. 

These songs serve as a means of spiritual connection, praise, and reflection. They often feature lyrics that center around biblical themes, stories, and messages of devotion to God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith. The lyrics are meant to inspire and uplift believers, reminding them of the teachings and values of Christianity. 

Christian religious songs can be found in various musical styles, from contemporary Christian music with its modern sound and relatable lyrics to gospel music characterized by its rhythms, soulful vocals, and powerful messages. Traditional hymns also remain an integral part of Christian worship.

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