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Introducing "Themes": Your shortcut to the perfect soundtrack
Cora Music BlogIntroducing "Themes": Your shortcut to the perfect soundtrack
Read more about our practical new feature THEMES, for video creators seeking songs for their online videos!

Our new feature, Themes, is about making your life as a video editor easier. In this feature, you will have easy access to a handpicked selection of our music library, organized by a certain vibe or type of videos. The only thing you need to do is to find that one theme that reflects the content of the video you are editing. It's a tailored music discovery experience, ensuring you find your video's soundtrack faster than ever.

Why You'll Love this feature: 

  • Easier browsing: Jump straight into a world of music suited to your video's needs.
  • Handpicked songs: No more endless searching. Our themes are put together to match every possible video project you got going on. 
  • Time saver: Spend less time going through endless of music choices, instead focus on the music that actually fits the content of your video and spend more time for creative editing. 

This is your invitation to explore our music library where the perfect track is always at your fingertips, ready to bring your next video to life. Try it out! 

The music your videos always deserved.
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